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Automated Trading Bot

CryptoTracker is a custom made private crypto trading bot. Trading is fully integrated with the exchanges Binance, Bittrex and Bitmex. Realtime price and volume information is collected and stored in the database. Trading is fully automated and runs 24/7 based on different strategies. The strategies are provided by the customer after many research. I implement the stategies based on a combination of multiple indicators. With backtesting the strategy ideas are evaluated, fine-tuned, run and monitored in the trading engine.

  • Technieken

  • C# .NET code
    Micro services
    Realtime socket API streaming
    PostgreSQL database
    Parallel running micro service
    History price collecting micro service
    Realtime price update micro service
    Strategy runner micro service
    Trade engine micro service
    Realtime Telegram channel micro service
    Pushover notications
    WPF UI client
    Private Cloud for high security
  • Kenmerken

  • 24/7/365 automated trading
    Paper trading. Running multiple strategies in simulation mode.
    Multiple strategies
    Exchange API integration on request
    Custom made indicators
    Private cloud for maximum security
    Trading following Telegram channels
    Push notifications
    Market making strategy
    Profit trailing

Windows Store App

Dieren memory spel is een gratis Windows Store App voor kinderen.

Dieren Memory Windows Store App
Dieren Memory Windows Store App

Transport Management Software

  • Technieken

  • - ASP.NET MVC .NET core
    - Knockout
    - Gulp
    - Bower
    - Bootstrap
    - Less
    - Typescript
    - WPF (winform hybride)
    - WCF webservices
    - Infragistics componenten
    - Telerik Kendo componenten
    - Microsoft Azure
    - SQL database
    - IOC, Dependency Injection
    - Modulair, 1 miljoen+ regels code
  • Kenmerken

  • - Integrated Track Trace met Fedex, UPS, DHL, TNT, DPD, etc
    - Integrated Booking met Fedex, UPS, DHL, TNT, DPD, etc
    - Integrated Rating met Fedex, UPS, DHL, TNT, etc
    - Rate tables
    - Unattended rating and booking
    - Auto Carrier Selection systeem
    - Invoice Verification
    - Invoice manifests
    - Invoicing
    - Twinfield accounting integratie
    - CMR, Commerial Invoice, Label documenten
    - Customer web portal
    - Service partner web portal
    - Webservice, FTP, e-mail API
    - Excel, csv, edi, edifact connectors

Windows Store App

Travelbird aanbiedingen Windows Store App

Travelbird Windows Store App
Travelbird details

Warehouse Management Software

  • Kenmerken

  • Pick list, Packing list
    Paperless picking
    Inventory labels
    Cycle counting
    Allocatie: FIFO, LIFO, FEFO
    Control tower billboards
    TMS integratie
    Carrier booking integratie
    One click carrier label printing
    One click packlist/CI document printing
    Support ticket integratie
    Wireless handheld scanners
    Unattended processing

  • Kenmerken

  • Bin management
    Bin storage restricties
    Preferred BIN setup
    Service partner access
    Pickship, delivery notifications
    Kit-to-order / Kit-to-stock
    Allocate closest location with Google API
    Drive time calculation
    ECCN system
    GS1 barcode support
    Customer specific requirements
    Handling cost rating
    Webservice, FTP, API
    Excel, csv, EDI, EDIFACT, X12 connectors
    Transaction logging
  • Meer informatie

  • Neem contact op om de mogelijkheden te bekijken van een maatwerk TMS of WMS integratie. De volledige logistieke operatie wordt uitgevoerd door een toonaangevende logistieke dienstverlener met een wereldwijd netwerk van strategische voorraadlocaties.